Drawing lessons in paris

The course is customized and depends on the level of the student and his tastes: it covers a technique especially (pencil, charcoal, chalk, ink of China, pastel...) or on a topic chosen by the student (volume, portrait, architecture, perspective drawing, composition, still-life, studies of drapery, scenery...).

Registration rates : beginners and experts, adults and adolescents (13 years and older), you are welcome. You can register at any time. Drawing classes are held in small groups and per 2-hour session. Rates are decreasing for a payment on a quarter and a half. The hourly rate is low due to the customization of the course. the material is not provided by the course.


  • 1 session (2 h) the test : 30 euros
  • Subscription to 25 sessions: 525 euros (10.5 euros/hour), valid 27 weeks of registration
  • Subscription to 12 sessions: 285 euros (11.8 euros/h), valid 14 weeks of registration
  • Subscription to 4 sessions: 115 euros (14,3 euros/h), valid 6 weeks from registration.

To register or acquire a voucher, please email : avril75011@gmail.com or by the site's contact form.